10 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day.

Every day is basically National Dog Day around our house but we’re celebrating Callie a little bit extra today with some extra morning snuggles and a trip to the dog park scheduled for this evening. It’s no secret that dogs are kind of the best thing ever! I’m a firm believer that there is absolutely nothing better than coming home to a happy dog – they play such an important role in our lives so why not celebrate them a little bit today and every day?

Earlier this month, the pet industry descended upon Las Vegas for the industry’s largest tradeshow, SuperZoo. For pet lovers, you may not often think about innovation and trends in this $70 billion space – from toys to treats – but there is a lot of fun and interesting stuff happening. I’ve partnered with my friends at Petcurean to share some of Callie’s all time favorites as well was some of the latest innovations to come out of SuperZoo:

10 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day.

Tennis BallsThese remain Callie’s ultimate favorite things in the world! There’s nothing that makes her happier than playing fetch at the park or even carrying her ball around the apartment and showing off to new visitors.

Round Dog BedWe recently bought Callie a round bed (she had a flat, rectangle bed before) and she LOVES it! The donut shape makes it ultra cozy and allows her to cuddle in – she actually prefers to nap in her own bed over ours now!

Custom Dog Bowls: How cute are these bowls?! Finding dog bowls that don’t clash with our decor has been a struggle over the years and I think we’re going to have to get Callie her own set of Mark & Graham bowls soon – I love how the food and water bowls stay together in their own little stand!

Dog Food Upgrade: As society as a whole continues to eat heathier, and expect more sustainability and transparency in their food production, this expectation has also crossed into the pet world as well. All over the show floor, there were a lot of new products that touted everything from clean supply chain to natural ingredients. Petcurean led the pack with the introduction of GATHER, a new category of pet food crafted from certified, organic, non-GMO and sustainably produced ingredients.  Including a sustainably fished and MSC certified cod recipe, a certified organic chicken recipe, and a certified vegan recipe, they are all perfectly blended and balanced to provide dogs and cats with premium quality, natural nutrition that is free from rendered ingredients.

Lavender Dog Shampoo: While Callie definitely does not love getting a bath, she always ends up getting extra cuddles after a bath with this Lavender & Mint shampoo because she smells so good afterwards and is so so soft.

Custom Pet Portrait: You know you’re a crazy dog mom when… ;) I received a custom silhouette portrait of Callie a few years ago and it’s one of my very favorite pieces in our gallery wall. These custom pet portraits are a great way to celebrate your pet now or always remember a special pet after it has passed away.

Peanut Butter Dog Treats: Callie is all about all things peanut butter and I always keep a bag of treats stashed at my desk at work to make the workday a little less boring for her and reward her for good behavior when I’m in a busy day of meetings.

Rope Leash: This leash is the best we’ve ever tried! We love how sturdy the rope is (it’s basically chew proof – Callie has chewed through several thinner leashes in the past which is always scary!) and really comfortable in your hand while you’re on walks.

Hoodie: I’m typically not one to dress up my dogs but these hoodies are TOO CUTE. They’re super soft and warm and there’s basically nothing better than seeing a dog wearing a tiny hoodie. Anytime Callie is wearing hers out and about in SF we always get tons of compliments!

Indigo Dyed Collar: Indigo dye is such a big trend in home decor right now and I love that it’s carried over to the pet world with this amazing collar!

What are some of your pup’s favorite things? Anyone else have some National Dog Day celebrations planned for later? ;) 

This post was sponsored by Petcurean as part of an ongoing partnership and as always, all opinions are 100% honest and my own – authenticity is a top priority and I only partner with brands I truly love. Thank you for supporting the brands that partner with Pretty & Fun!